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Our Preventive Care

Some dental offices call it a cleaning, but we think you will see that we do a lot more than that here.

Striving for the Best

At Ustick Dental Office, we strive to offer the best care to our patients. A healthy mouth starts with good homecare and routine dental visits. We recommend coming in every 4-6 months based on an individual’s needs. Each person is different and we work on an individual basis to determine the right preventive schedule. It is important to remove the harmful bacteria on a regular basis to keep the mouth and body healthy.

Preventive Care Appointments

During a routine preventive care appointment, the hygienist removes plaque and calculus, measures tissue health and bone levels, and polishes the teeth. We also use a fluoride varnish on adults and children to help strengthen teeth. The removal of plaque, calculus and bacteria noticeably improves breath and alleviates irritation. Polishing your teeth can rid the them of unsightly stains and return your smile to its former glory, because it is hard to feel confident about a smile marred by yellowing, stained teeth.

Scaling and Root Planing

Some patients require a more in-depth process if there is significant inflammation and/or bone loss present. This is called Scaling and Root Planing. During this procedure we get the tissues numb for greater comfort and remove the harmful bacteria and build up from below the gumline. This allows the tissues to heal and helps the patient better maintain a healthy mouth. After Scaling and Root Planing it may be necessary to schedule every 3-4 months to monitor tissue health.

Forming Relationships

We enjoy seeing our patients on a regular basis and forming relationships with them. Kids have the opportunity to be in our “Cavity-Free Club” and become eligible for prize drawings. We have been taking care of many patients for several years. Patients can always expect a professional, yet comfortable experience in our office.