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Our Sealants

Dental Sealants are a dental treatment that aims to prevent tooth decay. Teeth over time develop grooves or pits on the tooth, which can cause teeth to decay more rapidly. Our sealants help create smooth and natural surface so that they teeth are easier to clean, resulting in less decay and improved oral health. Sealants are mainly used on children who are at a higher risk of tooth decay. These sealants are typically applied once the adult teeth come through.

Prevent Tooth Decay

When teeth develop the enamel sometimes does not completely fuse together. This can lead to deep pits and fissures in teeth that are difficult to brush and can accumulate plaque that can lead to decay. By cleaning and bonding a plastic coating in these areas teeth can be sealed. We recommend that newly erupted teeth be sealed within six months, before plaque has a chance to cause decay on teeth.

Are Sealants for You?

Though sealants are mostly used on children, they have numerous uses and can benefit anyone who struggles with tooth decay. Dental sealants are accepted as an effective preventive treatment for cavities as long as the sealant remains attached to the affected tooth. Sealants last for an average of 5 years, depending on the damage inflicted over time. Come in and talk to our dental experts about how sealants can benefit your oral health.