Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns with CEREC

With CEREC technology we now have the ability to restore teeth with tooth colored restorations, in a single visit. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Ceramics. Instead of taking a clay mold of your teeth a CEREC machine scans and makes a digital impression of your teeth without any hassle.

Comfort - Fast digital impressions are more comfortable for our patients than conventional impressions.

Superior precision - Digital impressions are immune to dimensional changes, which make our crowns look and feel more natural.

Natural color - We support a wide range of colors for the perfect match.

Fast - It is no longer necessary to wait one to two weeks for a porcelain crown to return from the lab. This means no longer having to wear and remove a temporary crown or scheduling a second visit to cement the permanent crown.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are used to protect a tooth or restore one. You may need a dental crown if your tooth:

  • is at risk for decay or is cracked
  • is severely worn
  • has a filling that needs a cover
  • has a dental bridge
  • is misshaped or discolored
  • needs a cover on a dental implant

How Do I Care for a Dental Crown?

If your dental crown was placed without a root canal you may still have a cold sensitivity. If there is any pain at all when you chew or bite down contact your dentist. If you feel discomfort when you bite down the crown’s height may need to be adjusted. Your dental crown protects your tooth from decay, but your gums are still exposed and at risk for gum disease. Make sure to brush and floss regularly in order to keep your crown well maintained.

What Happens if I Chip My Crown or it Falls Out?

If your crown is chipped it can easily be repaired, make sure to check the area to see how much of the crown is chipped. If you notice your crown is loose you should contact your dentist immediately.

If your crown falls out immediately call for a damaged or broken crown. It is best to get it fixed at the earliest possible date.