Digital Imaging

Cone Beam CT Scanning

It's like IMAX for your mouth!

We've invested in a 3-D imaging machine that pushes digital X-rays to the next level, and takes you into the enhanced realm of modern dentistry. Not every dentist can provide this level of thorough dental care, and we are pleased to offer this improved technology at our practice!

The CBCT Scanning provides a complete overview of the teeth from all perspectives. It allows for increased diagnostic accuracy for:

  • Surgical & endodontic procedures
  • Imaging of jaws, sinuses, and other dental anatomy
  • Detailed planning for simplified integrated implant placement

Digital X-Ray Imaging

We utilize convenient digital x-rays in our office that use less radiation, provide sharper resolution, and the images are available immediately. Units are in each treatment room to simplify your experience.

Improving Your Dental Care

X-rays enable the dentist to look for signs of dental problems that are not visible to the naked eye, such as cavities between teeth and problems below the gum line, including the extent and pattern of bone loss around each tooth.

cbct machine

Digital Intraoral Imaging

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Helping You Understand

Intraoral images are a simple way for your dentist to explain precisely what is happening in your mouth. You'll see and understand more clearly, giving you confidence to make smart treatment decisions. These images also provide additional proof to your insurance company for help in recouping costs using your dental benefits.

patient getting an x-ray